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"Welcome to Mario's Tunnel of Doom." - Mario's Disembodied Head

AKA, many different Favorite Favors of Fruity Pebbles. ^w^


Humanity is fuckedUniversity Academics claimed Pedophilia is Natural and normal!?!
why humanity is so dumb at times!

Please check this out and watch the full video, because in the end of that video I watched, I feel concern about the person that got fired from his job just because he's gay (Which is really unfair). Therefore, I want this person to have as much help as possible, so please either spread the word on this or donate to help this person out. Thank you for taking your time to read this.
Sailor Alpharad Artwork
Created by CosmicBoostPhoenixVA.

Shoutout to Alpharad for being a funny and unique YouTuber that loves to make videos that fits to his own funny humor. Go check him out, he does skits, DM vids, Super Smash Bros, gaming vids, and more. Trust me, if you want find a good laugh to brighten up the mood or simply want to get rid of your boredom, Alpharad is that guy that will give you giggle or two, don't forget to give him a sub and liking his hilarious vids:
Happy Mother's Day 2017: Palutena and Rosalina
Created by CosmicBoostPhoenixVA.

Palutena belongs to Nintendo (Kid lcarus Uprising)
Rosalina belongs to Nintendo (Super Mario Galaxy)
Courage and Zatch Bell
Created by CosmicBoostPhoenixVA.

Courage belongs to Cartoon Network
Zatch Bell belongs to Shonen Jump
kkirby999's Request: Mimi's B-Day
Created by CosmicBoostPhoenixVA.

Mimi belongs to Super Paper Mario
Bundt the Cake belongs to Super Mario RPG
May the Fourth Be With You (2017): X and Triple 9
Created by CosmicBoostPhoenixVA.

X aka Boost belongs to CosmicBoostPhoenixVA
Triple 9 belongs to kkirby999
Kick-Ass Talk Later Heroes: Starfy and Goombella
Created by CosmicBoostPhoenixVA.

Starfy belongs to Nintendo (The Legend of Starfy)
Goombella belongs to Nintendo (Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door)
Ristar and Don Patch
Created by CosmicBoostPhoenixVA.

Ristar belongs to Sega
Don Patch belongs to Bobobo
MLP FiM: The Triple Trio
Created by CosmicBoostPhoenixVA.

Sunset Shimmer, Starlight Glimmer, and The Great and Powerful Trixie belongs to My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
Hello everyone, I'm finally back from my long break. ^_^

Now should begin saying thank you to everyone, I'm so happy that I got to actively draw a lot more artwork while I was away. Then I got to work out and did my outside chores to bring back my enthusiasm and momentum. After that, I focused more on studying for the compass test with all my might, and I finally excel in reviving a high passing grading on the writing test, meaning I will be able to go college. To follow up, I even got to spend more time with my friends and family.

Feeling brand new in a healthy manner, I was undeniably ready to come back here. And the way to start off my return is to let you all know in this journal post. But anyways, to get to the point, you all have made a change in me for the better and I will forever be grateful for being supportive and honest. If I didn't stop at some point in that whole beef in the past, I situation would have been way worse. Therefore, I'm glad I was shown the error of my ways, if I lose respect, then it's understandable, consequences have it's effects and I will live with that punishment.

Alright, many thanks for taking your time to read this, you all have been there for me, so I'll do my very best to keep you all entertained and happy. BTW, more artworks and OMM fights will be featured soon in the future, so stay tuned whenever I have the free time to post any of these stuff. I know I just can't get enough of saying this, but once again, thanks for being there for me and others. In the end of the day, I definitely appreciate everyone's kindness to one another and for staying positive to insure the best for everyone.
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One Minute Melee Writer
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
(Edited 10/24/16)

Salutations everyone, allow me to introduce myself, l am known as MarioFanX, however you may call me Boost if you want to. With that out of the way, BOOST IS READY TO LET LOOSE HIS INFO ABOUT HIMSELF!! First and foremost, l'm a friendly artist that draws for fun, not only that, but l love to have conversations about anything that comes to mind, for example: Anime, Cartoons, Video Games, Debates, Future Ideas, etc. Furthermore, l love Voice Acting, especially when l am voicing as Mario, also l have been practicing on voice acting for about over a decade and plan on accomplishing my long life career of being a professional voice actor.

In addition, l provide support and assistance to everybody in important situations. On top of that, l'm a softy that loves to watch My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, but l am not too hooked to the series and the fandom can take things too far, so l am considered as a Semi-Brony. Now l am a respectable person that will accept constructive criticism, so feel free to correct me on any of the major mistakes l make from time to time, so that l can improve my habits for the better.

Oh and in this next particular subject, if there is something/someone that you like and/or dislike, just as long as you have a legit good reason to represent your points in a mature manner, then l will definitely respect your reasons. Did l mention that l am a good writer? Well technically l'm not the best writer, however l do my very best into entertaining my audience, as a matter of fact, l love to write One Minute Melee battles with a dialogue just for fun, and if you guys would like to help or be a co-host of my OMM series, don't hesitate to ask me.

Welp, that is pretty much it about me, but l might as well give you guys my last message in this description, in conclusion from the bottom of my heart, thank you everyone for believing in me and believing in your loved ones that you trust as well, l truly do appreciate the overall support/advice that l need to do my very best in real life with the experience and knowledge that you guys provided for me. I do hope that all of you complete all of your tasks, so that y'all can make your dream a reality. Anyways, l am finish with what l have to say at the moment, for real this time. In the end of the day, you all have my deepest respect and blessing, therefore remember to always keep on being positively awesome and determined. THIS IS BOOST ABOUT TO ROOST HIMSELF OUT THE BUILDING!! Peace out. ^u^

- MarioFanX 2016

Skype: WarriorZon
Wii U Nintendo Network ID: FuturePhoenixVA
Discord: FuturePhoenixVA
Discord Number: #3146
YouTube Account: DarknessWorldStarHipHop
iFunny: CosmicPhoenixSucc
Twitter: DarknessFuccNut (@DarkCosmicBVA)
Instagram: DarknessCosmicBVA


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